Operation Nesting Asps-day 1 Kill cult
In order to further maximize the surprise of Operation Nesting Asps and prevent a coherent imperial response, Asura decided on the assassination of the naval commander in charge of all air assets on planet.  Unfortunately the man's constant shuttling to various posts around the planet made this difficult. Still Alpha legion informants told of a meeting Commander Weatherby would be having at a forward depot the day the operation was slated to start.  Unfortunately the only assets Asura had in place to the location was a murder cult.  Although he had little faith in their ability to carry out the task Asura gave the order anyways figuring the chaos the kill cult created would compensate with terror even if the mission failed.  Besides their was always the chance they would succeed.

     Akheen, chooser of the slain led the other nine initiates of the Fanged Hydra cult through the large water drain that ran under the perimeter of the military camp.  Swiftly they moved below while above them they crossed barbed wire, random patrols, and even a few sweeps of a Valkyrie doing a perimeter patrol.  Finally they emerged into the camp through the drain behind a barracks.  Akheen hurried them out and into cover.  Their blades and auto pistols quivering with the same excitement that shown in the cultists eyes.  Gesturing with the axe they made their way out into the camps first lane intent on slaughtering all they came across on their way to their prey.
Akheen and his cult ran straight out into the view of two three man Imperial teams.  The Imperials seemed shocked at the sudden appearance of the cultists.  Akheen wasted no time snapping out orders
"Kill them all!" he screamed.
The cultists opened fire their autopistols blazing away.  The Imperials began to open fire when a stray round struck the fuel barrels by the one Imperial guard team.  Akheen was buffeted by the blast as they erupted and heard the screams as the guardsmen were caught in the blast.  Out of the corner of his eye he watched a single guardsman engulfed in flames running away.  Akheen gave it no more than a glance charging the other guardsmen as their fire shot past him he heard his cultist behind scream out in pain just as the sirens began to go off.  Akheen reached the first guardsman and beheaded him with a single swing of his axe.  He second swing was deflected by a guardsman's rifle in a desperate parry.  Before the guardsman could recover and lunge his bayonet into Akheen another cultist ran him through with a chainsword.  in seconds the guardsmen were all dead but Akheen could hear the boots of others rushing to the scene.

Akheen's cultist fired up the street before following Akheen up an alley between two barracks.  As they entered the alley Akheen glanced back to watch one of his cultists collapse just short of the alley a dozen smoldering lasgun burns seared onto the man's chest.  Without pause Akheen led his remaining cultists out of the alley and to his right a small distance away was the prey.

Akheen could see not only his prey in sight but also a large gathering of imperial forces gathering on either side of the open area Akheen would need to cross to reach his prey.  Akheen turned to his fellow cultists.
     'Whoever spills the preys blood to the hydra will have his soul transformed into a avatar of the warp with life eternal Thus is it written!" Akheen screamed.
      "Thus says the Hydra!" his cultists bellowed as they charged forward guns blazing wildly as they ran in a manic trance to reach and kill the prey.
     Private Cromwell of the 17th Anglican prodded the cultists body with his bayonet searching for any trace of life.  He found none but then again didn't expect to as half a dozen massive lasburns covered the wretches torso.  The cultists had tried running through the vicious crossfire screaming and appropriately for traitors Cromwell thought they had died screaming.  Nearby Cromwell could see officers conferring and he watched as other men went to put out the blaze of a small fuel dump.  Soon enough things would be back under control he mused and then he thought bitterly would come the recriminations of how the traitors had gotten on base in the first place.  But that was for later right now he wanted to savor the feeling of victory the sight of the dead cultists provided.

Special thanks again to Chris Edstrom, pictured below, talented hobbyist and enthusiast who played the part of the imperials.


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