Asura, Chosen warrior of the Alpha Legion, Supreme Commander of all Stygian forces on Quatel Prime.
Little is known for sure about the 7th Hydra, Alpha Legion chosen identified as Asura.  He appears to have risen through the ranks of the Alpha Legion under the guidance of Lord Magwar.  Records show he served for a number of years on a stealth infiltration kill team. (See General Lang assassination, Tessark forge incident.)  It has been surmised he also led several raids at Lord magwar's behest. (see Luxian moon massacre, Scyllax depot raid, Talshyar convoy 327)
Asura then rose to be appointed commander of stygian forces Quatel Prime.  He has proved a flexible commander noted for both aggression and tactical acuity.  His chosen weapons are a pair of lightning claws, a holdover from his time served on a kill team.  His armor is heavily mutated causing some to wonder if possession lies ahead in his future.  He carries the desecrated thigh bone of Saint Mathis the unyielding, as a totem of his power and in order to flaunt his hate for the Imperium.


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