Aeronautica Imperialis Hell Talons

Hell Talon fighter bombers were used primarily in a ground attack or strategic bombing role in the Stygian Empire.  They like their smaller cousins the Hell Blades were fast and maneuverable.  They proved quite adept in a dogfight if pressed and were not completely reliant on escorting fighters.  They carried a far smaller bomb payload than a standard Imperial marauder bomber as a trade off.  Cryxis IV was producing nearly 100 Hell Talons a month minus Lord Magwar and the 7th Hydras cut.  The Hell Talon became a common sight over the front lines of war.  Like the Hell Blade, The Hell Talon could also rip the barrier of the warp with it's passing.  This was use as much as an instrument of terror as it was as a defense against tailing enemies.  The reports of darkened skies and menacing skull shaped clouds leering from above were common from Imperial forces just prior to a bombing run by a Hell Talon.  This factor and the screams emanating from the Hell Talons engines increased the terror level of the raid. (The 97th Anglican regiment reported the phenomenon as the Banshees scream)  The terror effect is of course secondary to the Hell Talon's bombing performance which is terrifyingly accurate by itself. 


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