Operation Nesting Asps- Day 2-12 Phase 2
With the success of the first day Asura wasted no time starting the second and primary phase of his operation.  While Hell blades went on air superiority missions and Hell Talons bombing supply depots and refineries, selective teams of Stygian soldiers embarked upon Valkyries.  These men along with a few Alpha legion marines were inserted behind enemy lines along a number of hills and ridges.  These men were equipped for at least a two week stay carrying their personal weapons ammo and most importantly a vox caster unit.  They would establish the observation posts for the fireforce strategy.

While advance detachments of the Stygian Air mobile regiment were inserted, Asura sought to raise militia from the desert scavengers.  he was able to raise around 500 of these which he then equipped and inserted even further behind enemy lines via Valkyries with Vulture gunships in support.  The milita orders were simple establish a base camp and conduct night time hit and run attacks on Imperial depots and installations.

With the elements all in place by D+4 Asura activated the Fireforce strategy.  The forward outposts in the ridges reported imperial resupply coloumns and reinforcements coming up to the front.  They would then call on air support in the form of Vultures, Hell Talons, and Heldrakes to hammer the Imperial coloumn and vector the attack craft to the target.  If a large formation was spotted moving up the observation post would call in a fireforce action.  Massive air support would then hit the Imperials while the rest of the air mobile stygian regiment would be dropped into the battle alongside Alpha Legion Marines.  The Fire force would quickly hammer the Imperial force and then be withdrawn to await the next fireforce call.  it was a sound strategy and using just the airstrikes Imperial resupply and reinforcement to the front began to wane.

      Imperial reinforcements en route to the front are dispersed and terrorized by a heldrake vectored in by a observation team from a nearby ridge.


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