A stygian Harbinger super heavy bomber.  The Stygian empire began construction of these craft right after taking Cryxis IV.  The factory complex that builds these massive war machines can only build a single one per month.  At current it is believed the Stygian Empire has 30 of these craft in squadrons of ten with the remaining six turned over to Lord Magwar and the Alpha Legion as tithe.  This super heavy aircraft boasts a massive bomb payload.  Sites targeted by a harbinger are left as nothing but smoking craters.  Furthermore the aircraft is heavily armored capable of absorbing incredible punishment, while at the same time boasting a number of point defense platforms in the form of autocannons.  The Harbinger is however relatively slow and not surprisingly lacks the maneuverability of the Hell Talon.  It is used by the stygian Empire for strategic bombing primarily though they have been used in place of an artillery bombardment prior the launching of an offensive.  The harbinger is deployed via special heavily fortified airfields or via a ship in low orbit.  The colossal size of the craft ensures normal airfields can not accommodate it.  Though the harbinger has not been used frequently or in large numbers thus far in the Stygian wars it's presence makes it a priority target for Imperial air forces.


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