Operation Nesting Asps-Day 1 Kill Team Alpha
Asura planned to use his increased air forces in the north to make Operation nesting asps a reality.  Though he had a numerical advantage in aircraft he was loathe to simply bludgeon the Imperial air force in a straight up fight.  In order to ensure he obtained maximum damage be inflicted for minimal cost Asura sought to achieve surprise.  The northern front he knew was split into three different zones for air defense each coordinated from an air bases near Hafia Hive where the Imperial forces were mustering before heading out to the front lines.  A small five man Alpha Legion kill team was ferreted through imperial lines and made it's way towards the hive.  Their target was the tactical air control command bunker overseeing the air sector that Asura sought to use to launch Operation Nesting asps.

Salus, led the other four Alpha Legion infiltrators through the wire and into the air base in the early morning darkness.  With quick precision the Chaos marines moved forward in silence stalking the three man guard patrol near a fuel dump by a landing pad.  With a quick gesture Salus indicated that the roving guards must die, silently of course.  Salus himself took the lead his power sword removing the head of one of the guardsman in the blink of an eye.  Before his two companions could react the kill teams blades cut their throats before any alarm could be given.  dragging the bodies behind the fuel barrels the team darted towards the large Quonset for cover and to see the path ahead.

Salus watched as two guardsmen made their way up the street before they were suddenly stopped by an officer.  Patiently Salus waited as the officer began berating the two men.  After five minutes the officer showed no signs of stopping, daylight would be upon them soon and Salus knew he had to accomplish his mission by first light if the plan was to work.  Worse the officers loud shouting might bring more men to see the commotion putting the kill team in risk of discovery.  He glanced at the legionaries and nodded in the direction of the officer.  Using their superhuman speed the kill team burst upon them.  Salus ran his sword through the officers gullet killing him instantly.  The other guardsman was down just as quick a combat blade slammed down into his skull.  The third guardsman fired a wild shot at the kill team before an axe decapitated him.  Salus winced that shot would have alerted the whole garrison.
With the alarm now being sounded the time for stealth was over.  Salus and his kill team rushed forwards.  Three guardsmen rounded the corner in front of them and opened up on them.  Salus felt shots bounce off his armor as he charged forward. The alpha legion Kill team leaped upon the guardsmen like a leopard upon its prey hacking them apart and darting forward.  As they did so more soldiers began to appear and Salus noticed that one of the legionaires was down.  A shot having punctured his eye piece and gone straight into his skull.

They were not far from the bunker now Salus saw.  The air was filled with Alarm sirens and troops were now pouring in.  Salus screamed at the team to follow him as they dashed for the bunker.  The three guards were firing at them as they approached with further fire pouring into their left flank by imperial reinforcements as they made their mad dash .  Salus heard a grunt and suddenly another of the team was down.  Screaming Salus leaped over the sandbags of the bunker entrance his sword flashing even as his bolt pistol took out one of the guards.  In seconds it was over the guards were dead.  Ordering his remaining two men to cover him Salus prepared to finish the mission as Imperial reinforcements began closing in.

Salus quickly punched in the entrance code the Alpha legion spies had ferreted out earlier for just this purpose.  Gunfire echoed and hammered around him.  His two remaining men let rip with their bolters covering him as he prepared the demolition charge.  As he ducked through the door a laspistol shot tinged off his shoulder pauldron.  Salus fired his bolt pitol forcing the man back and watched as the assembled officers scurried to the far end of the bunker leaving the servitors at their stations.  On the far wall a holographic map displayed the air units in the sector.  Salus armed the charge and rolled it in before shutting the bunker blast door behind him.  as he signaled it was time to go he saw that only legionary Vidicus was still alive.  Firing on full auto Vidicus kept the Imperials heads down as the pair dashed away.  Salus could hear the Imperials as they began to pursue, but that noise was drowned up with the roar of the bunker exploding.  Using the distraction of the bunker Salus and Vidicus slipped away.  They had lost three good members of the legion but the mission was accomplished.  For the initial part of operation Nesting Asps, the Imperium would be blind.

Special thanks go out to my opponent Chris Edstrom (pictured below) a dedicated and talented hobbyist.


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