Operation Nesting Asps- Battle of Khalita ridge part4
With the battle raging on Khalbad watched another flight of aircraft zoom in and watched as another group of terminators suddenly appeared behind the imperials advancing on the Stygian left flank.  As they landed one leveled a reaper autocannon against the artillery spotter tank.  The heavy thud thud thud of the guns echoing until the spotter tanks suddenly erupted in flames.

 Khalbad felt a wolfish grin cross his face.  of course those terminators could very well face the same fate of the raptors as the Imperial infantry turned on them.  Reaching into the warp he drew in it's essence and uttered ancient and inhuman sounds.  With a sudden screech ten more serpentine bloodletters stepped into reality in front of him trapping the Imperial platoon between them and the terminators.
It is time Khalbad, do it now, release me to this world
Khalbad jerked in surprise as the voice came to him.  He was bleeding he realized, his grasp on the warp summoning the bloodletters had injured him.  It was his blood he realized that had appeased the voice.  The voice that must be obeyed.  Turning to the militia man with the sacrificial brands he invoked the ancient and terrible name as he cut the militia man's throat.
As the body began to fall it suddenly curled itself up in a ball shaking and changing until the man was no more.  Before Khalbad stood the herald of Tzeentch.  It was armored and reptilian with small wings enfolding from it's back.  In it's hand it carried a powerful staff.  It's grinning maw dripped blood but the being had no eyes.  Feeling the power rolling off the herald Khalbad realized it had no need for them.  It could see with a psychic sight far greater than any one man or thing ever could.

Meanwhile the hunting helldrake zoomed after the Stormtalon that had hit it's companion.  Screamng as it came the Heldrake began pouring Autocannon rounds into the rear of the damaged craft.  The Guardian pilot tried jinking at the last minute but as he had already known it was far far too late.  The pilot never even felt the round that tore through his craft and burst both of his hearts.  The stormtalon slammed into the trench besides the Daemonic herald who screeched with delight.

The wounded heldrake seeing it's attacker slam into the gound in flames vector danced it's engines into hover mode.  The mass of Imperial infantry before it trapped with terminators behind them and the bloodletters ahead let off a collective shout of alarm and not a few screams of terror.  As militia continued to fire on the Guardian chapter marines the heldrake began bathing the imperial infantry in napalm adding high pitched screams to the mix.

In the center The two obliterators resume their bloody trail of destruction.  The first Obliterator turned on the Imperial infantry including psyche 357.  To the Liskavian infantry's disgust then horror a new barrel pushed itself up and out of the daemonic armored hulk before them like a great worm bursting through to the surface.  The horror came seconds later as they were doused in burning napalm from the thing before them.  Their death screams echoed the screams of the demolisher crew as the second obliterator opened fire and blew the turret off of it.

In the center no sooner had the napalm stopped then the hulking daemonic suit of armor  stepped through the sputtering flames,  it's gauntlets had morphed again into fists crackling with electricity.  The imperial guardsmen swung with fists and bayonets, a few even firing shots all to no effect.  The Beast swung and two of the men simply disintegrated under the impact.  Psycher 357 screamed for room and stabbed with his staff.  For a second the thing rocked back before roaring with pain, the claws on it's gauntleted fists growing longer and dancing with lethal electricity as they burning eyes of the armor bore into Psycher 357.

On the Stygian right flank Khopesh's Havocs blasted the last Imperial squad advancing even as the surviving militia in the center of the original Stygian line began to advance into the slaughter.  Three surviving Liskavian Infantry from the Stygian right flank began to fall back firing as they went.  The two terminators in the center came hammering into the infantry squad behind psyche 357's. with ease they slaughtered the guardsmen, the lone surviving sergeant turned to run but was cut down from behind.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom a dedicated and talented hobbyist for his help with the battle report.


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