Techmarine Vollus Captured
After the capture of Techmarine Vollus of the loyalist Guardians chapter at the battle of Khalita Ridge, he was transported to a Stygian assembly area.  It was there that a brutal interrogation would be held before the Stygians turned him over to the marines of the Alpha Legion.  The Stygians restrained Vollus and had two guard with overcharged lasguns at the ready for security.  Addition security was provided by a Dark Mechanicus warbot, similar to the imperial Kastelan robots.  Unlike it's imperial counter part the warbot is not as large or resilient to damage.  It is however powered not by command protocols but rather a daemonic entity that has been bound to the machine.  To aid the Stygian officers questioning a talented psyche, skilled in Telepathy has been brought in to weaken the mind of Vollus and pry forth access codes, and other intelligence.

below is a sample extract of the interrogation.
Stygian Officer-  How many of your chapter are deployed to the sector?
Vollus- Traitor, unworthy hoarder of the Motive Force. analysis, purge with prejudice, alpha priority.

Stygian officer- increase the psychic pressure.  Good, now again how many of your chapter are deployed to the sector?

Vollus- Unathorized Access Attempted.  Raise first firewall, All Hail the Omnissiah!  The Emperor is the Omnissiah, The Omnissiah is the Emperor, The Emperor protects.

Stygian officer- More Pressure!

Vollus- Threat index increasing, readying data purge.  Suffer not the heretic, Kill the Heretic, Burn the heretic!  So says the Emperor, The Emperor is the Omnissiah, The Omnisiah is the Emperor, only in death does duty end.

So far the Stygians have been unable to extract any useful information.  Given time this will change provided Vollus isn't killed or rescued.


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