Operation Nesting Asps- Battle of Khalita Ridge part5
Major Polkornik of the 18th Liskavian Infantry screamed orders into the vox shifting his men to a defensive footing.  If they could stop this fresh onslaught and defeat it they could then resume the advance, hopefully.  He looked down at the terminators advancing upon his position.  Each hulking warrior was death personified.  The master of ordinance screamed a warning as he looked up from his vox set.
"Danger Close!"
The sound of the shells and the rippling of the air as they passed by buffeted the major.  The terminators disappeared in a cloud of fire and smoke.  For a brief moment the major felt hope and began to cheer.
The cheer died on his lips as the smoke blew away to show the two terminators in a newly made crater their armor singed but still advancing on them even as weapons fire from the support squads slammed into the ground around them.

In the center the Liskavian infantry fired into the hulking obliterator that had just destroyed the demolisher tank.  The shots slam into the brute with no noticeable effect until a single lasgun shot hits the monsters left hip and the beast stumbles and then rights itself.
Psycher 357 swung his staff again at the obliterator in front of it even as his two remaining comrades came in with bayonets.  357 watched in horror as all their attacks bounced off the gruesome suit of armor.  A grisly rasping laugh filled the air and in two swipes both of 357's companions were disemboweled.  Feeling panic grip him 357 turned to flee.  He never even felt the heavy bolter rounds the obliterator fired hit him from behind and turned him into pink mist.
On the Stygian left Flank Tech marine Vollus of the Guardians chapter quickly assessed the situation.  The battle was in crisis for the imperials and this flank the most so.  Something needed to give he knew and spotting the hovering heldrake with it's back to him Vollus knew instantly what to do.
"Squad advance and clear that trench!" he ordered.
As the Guardian marines advanced guns blazing Vollus ran towards the Heldrake behind him.  He drew his plasma pistol and took aim, his helmet's HUD showing a critical fuel lne leading to the rear engines.  In a split second he fired, the blast of superheated plasma slamming into the daemonic craft.  Secondary explosions rippled through the things body and it suddenly came slamming down in flames.  The roar of cheering guardsmen accompanying the things death.

Encouraged by Vollus's display of gallantry the Liskavian guardsmen poured fire into the terminators.  The sound of their fire overpowering all other sounds on the battlefield and the terminators disappeared in the flames only for three of them to emerge advancing on the guardsmen.  Terror rippled through the ranks of the Liskavian 18th infantry regiment as they watched the implacable advance of the Alpha Legion terminators drawing towards them.
special thanks again to Chris Edstrom for his help with this battle report.


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