Aeronautica Imperialis Hellblades

Hell Blade fighters often termed "Bats" by Imperial air crews formed the core of the Stygian Empires air forces.  With Cryxis IV producing as many as 200 of these machines a month.  The Hell Blade was fast and very maneuverable mounting quad autocannons as it's primary armament.  They tended to fly in groups with the lone Hell Blade on patrol being extremely rare.  The Hell Blade was used primarily for either escort or air superiority missions, though on occasion they were seen strafing targets of opportunity such as fuel depots and troop positions.  Imperial pilots reported when a hell blade opened his throttle to full weird atmospheric conditions followed.  Trailing Imperial aircraft were struck by lightning or vanished into suddenly appearing dark clouds in the Hell Blades wake never to be seen again with only screaming vox transmissions to indicate their fate.  It was speculated that the Hell Blade at full throttle can tear the wall between the warp and real space for a short period.  It was furthermore concluded they used this ability as a weapon to destroy pursuit as well as to add a significant psychological edge to a Stygian Empire air raid. 


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