Operation Nesting Asps- phase II day 14-25
As phase II of Operation Nesting Asps continued fewer and fewer supplies began reaching Imperial front lines.  With ammo and men dwindling Imperial command tried to reinforce the front with one of the four newly arrived regiments, the 78th Kharkovan.  This mechanized regiment was broken down into a number of smaller detachments loaded down with supplies.  Each detachment was to take a different route and try to run the air blockade the fireforce strategy of the Stygian Empire had imposed.  While some detachments made it through many were spotted and attacked.

The 78th Kharkovan suffered 46% casualties on their run to the front line.  Despite the hideous losses their arrival along with the surviving supplies was enough to bolster the front line for another week.  Asura was pleased with the results so far of Operation Nesting Asps.  Asura knew that as an offensive strike force the 78th Kharkovan was finished for the next few months.  Imperial high command was appalled at the casualties and the lack of results.  The next attempt to relieve the front would have to be different.  The Imperials would not try another thunder run.  Orders were issued and an offensive was planned to take out the Stygian eyes on the ridgelines.  A deliberate attack under whatever air cover could be mustered.  Then as the attacks slammed into the ridges a relief convoy of supplies would make a run to the frontline.  It was a sound plan tactically with one major flaw, it was expected.  Already Asura had readied things for the fireforce strategy's major test.


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