Final Battle of Guttar part 7

All along the battlefield the information flowed in to Sarwen.  The entire length of the battlefield it seemed was aflame with fighting.  The battle was escalating fast and no hesitation could be shown and allow the Imperials to retake the initiative.  Sarwen ordered his own forces to advance, racing up with his own rhino and squad of Alpha Legion marines to overwhelm the western flank even as his forces advanced steadfast elsewhere.

With a smile on his face a Stygian psycher muttered an incantation then slit the throat of the stygian guardsmen beside him.  The stygians body crumpled and then rose bulging ever larger until the flesh was final burst apart to reveal a daemonic herald of tzeentch within.

Meanwhile a lone manticore opened fire in support of the eastern part of the battlefield targeting the imperial tanks on that flank.  The rockets flew up and then dropped short slamming into the guardsmen engaging the maulerfiend.  In seconds the massive swarm of guardsmen lost half their numbers in a rain of fire.

The heldrake swung low and engaged one of the wyverns that had been pounding the eastern flank.  The whirl of it's gatling guns spitting out shell after shell into the imperial artillery piece and setting it ablaze.

Meanwhile on the eastern flank the militia and a helbrute charged into the fray in an effort to save the swamped maulerfiend.  The dreadnaught ripped apart a number of guardsmen while even more fell to the frenzied attacks of the long suffering militia.  Still the priest managed to plant a meltabomb on the belly of the maulerfiend blowing it apart.  The handful of Liskavians left stood firm their faith giving them courage despite the horrendous losses they had endured and a bitter hand to hand struggle continued.

Special thanks goes to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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