Battle of Guttar- Prefects Tower part6

Major Riga suddenly knew hope as all across the Stygian rear squads of infantry that had infiltrated through the sewers began to emerge.  With luck the squads would pull the main stygian assault off of his force enough to complete a withdrawal and not succumb to a massacre.

However for one emerging squad misfortune was to strike.  The men exited right next to a stygian IED.  A sudden explosion occurred that saw one of the guardsmen vaporized as he attempted to shield his squad from harm by throwing himself in front of the blast.

The Liskavian manticore opened things off firing a salvo at the stygian russ and chimera.  Explosions engulfed the area ripping the chimera open and setting it ablaze.

Liskavian infantry near the remaining manticore opened fire with melta guns burning through the thin side armor and setting the mobile artillery launcher ablaze.

Yet another imperial guard squad caught the bloodletters in a crossfire.  lasfire slammed into the daemons cutting a number of them down.

More guardsmen opened fire into the warp rift and the snarling fleshhounds.  Despite firing on full auto only a single beast fell.  The guardsmen felt dread at the prospect of the beast inevitable charge and the carnage that was sure to follow.
Another Liskavian squad sought to decapitate the Stygian command element.  They emerged to open fire with lasguns and grenade launchers into major Astor.  Despite the series of explosions only three of the command team fell to this sudden and unexpected attack.

Meanwhile the lord of change continued to cut down Kharkovian veterans but was unable to break the faith and spirit of the imperial preacher accompanying them and so the melee still swirled amidst the fire and blood.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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