Final Battle of Guttar part 2

The Battle now shifted to the center and to the west.  Col. Barsova ordered the basilisk to open up on the tower containing the command elements of the Stygian guard units.  The earth shaker cannon fired and sent a shell screeching like a freight train of death slamming into the stygian command post.  A few of the Stygians fell but the rest sheltered behind the battlements grimly held on to life.

A Demolisher tank rolled out and aimed at a Stygian russ tank.  It fired and it's massive demolisher shell punched through the Stygian tanks armor before detonating.  The shells detonation in turn ignited the fuel and detonated all the battle cannon shells aboard the stygian tank, which vanished in a flash leaving only a flame filled crater in it's wake.

The Knight meanwhile leveled it's guns at the defiler in the center a flurry of shots streamed forth slamming into the dark war machine.  Most of the shells bouncing off the thick armor of the defiler while a few seemed to be absorbed without harm by some dark aura that surrounded the daemonic machine.  As the shots stopped only the lash arm of the daemon engine appeared to be broken.

Aware of the carnage the daemon engine could inflict the heavy weapon teams of the 119th Liskavian poured fire into the machine.  Again shots either bounced off or seemed to be absorbed.  Many shots went wide as their gunners closed their eyes at the blasphemous sight of the chaos war engine as they fired.

Meanwhile the other demolisher tank opened up on the Stygian Devil Dog in the center.  The massive shell slamming into the light tank stunning the crew and leaving it trailering smoke.

My thanks go out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) without whom this battle report would not be possible.  Thanks again Chris!


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