Final Battle of Guttar part 1

As dawn broke the Imperial forces could make out the concentrated masses of traitor forces before them.  Col. Barsova of the 119th Liskavian Guard in overall command of the assault paused a second assessing the tactical situation.  With heavy fire support on it's way along with reinforcements he could delay the advance.  A few units moved tentatively forward but the rest held position determined to subject the traitors to massed firepower.  When the Stygian line was thus softened up, then Barsova would order the general advance.

Barsova received the reports of Stygian Militia moving through the pipe farm in the east.  Knowing they threatened his access to the landing pad Barsova decided to end the threat there first.  Having thus done so he could then threaten to roll up the entire stygian flank forcing the Stygians to divert forces east, pulling them away from the center and the west where his main blow would fall.
 Spurned on by the oratory of an overzealous priest a veteran squad of the Kharkovian 8th Guards regiment raced forward.  The hardened veterans leapt out and leveled their flamers at the onrushing horde of stygian militia.  Triggering their weapons they sent a tide of flames into the onrushing mass even as lasfire reached out for the doomed militia.  Screams filled the air and in seconds the leading militia squad was no more, scoured clean by the righteous fury of the Kharkovian guards.

A Kharkovian Vanquisher tracked it's turret around and began to take aim at a Stygian chimera moving up slowly beside the horde of militia.  The vanquisher gun fired sending a shell that slammed into the apc stunning it.

The punisher tank targeted another large mob of militia.  It's rotary gatling cannon spewing rounds forth in a steady stream.  The militia ducked behind the cover of the pipes seeking shelter from the hurricane of fire lashing into them.  for many however it was far too late as they were blown apart by the punishers guns.

Meanwhile the executioner russ joined in the fray.  blasting plasma cannon shots into the nearest helbrute.  The superheated plasma scorched the metal of the chaos war machine and it bellowed in rage through vox speakers that echoed even over the roar of battle before stomping forward, consumed by rising fury.

Col Barsova gave the order for the Wyvern squadron in the middle to add it's fire in support of the eastern fight.  A flurry of shells launched upwards to slam into a large unit of stygian militia.  A whirlwind of flames and steel engulfed the stygians and in seconds as the bombardment ended the entire unit had been wiped out.  Barsova surveyed the eastern fight with grim satisfaction nearly half the Stygian force there had been hammered out of the fight.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help making this battle report happen.


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