Final Battle of Guttar part 6

The fighting shifted westward, as The Imperial forces advanced. A demolisher tank and the heavy weapons teams opened up on the forgefiend that had killed the Imperial knight.  Their heavy fire slamming into the dark warp fueled war machine blowing off one of it's rotary cannons.

Meanwhile the other russ opened up on the defiler that was already repairing the damage done to it without effort.  The battlecannon shell shook the chaos war engine, Kharkovian plasma gunners fired out the hatch of their chimera.  The superheated plasma punching through the now weakened armor to detonate in the heart of the foul war machine.  The blast set off the unstable fuel core and the defiler vanished in a massive explosion leaving only a smoking crater.

The other demolisher targeted the lightly armored and damaged devil dog.  It's massive shell slamming into the stygian tank and detonating it in a massive fireball.

Another Kharkovian squad opened fire from the hatches of their chimera sending superheated plasma into a stygian chimera.  The plasma punched through the chaos apc and set it ablaze with stygian soldiers hurriedly pouring out of the doomed apc.

It was then that Col. Barsova heard over the vox the call from the sword frigate in orbit battling the infidel class raider.  A single lance shot came down from on high blinding the battlefield.  However the shot was off slightly so only a single chimera advancing in the west was hit.  The Stygian apc detonated into a burning crater.  However most of the troops within had been shielded by the dark powers of their faith and emerged unscathed.

In the extreme west Liskavian infantry charged the maulerfiend to the hypnotic war chants of the accompanying priest.  The mighty daemon engine crushed the first few guardsmen but the rest swarmed it and detonated krak grenades and a single meltabomb on the chaos war machine exploding it and leaving smoking craters on the western flank.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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