Final Battle of Guttar part 4

The fighting now switched to the western half of the battlefield.  Knowing the knight was the key to the Imperial offensive Sarwen ordered it targeted right from the start.  Both the obliterator and the Stygian lascannon teams nearby opened fire on the massive imperial walker.  Lascannon shots slammed off the shields but still they were able to inflict some minor damage to the structure of the Imperial war machine.

Stygian manticores unleashed a fusillade of missiles that arced up high into the air only to come slamming down into the imperial knight.  Massive explosions rippled along the knight as the barrage hammered it leaving it staggering.  Though badly damaged it was still a potent engine of war.

The Forgefiend slinking through the ruins like a predatory beast emerged on the knights flank.  Sending a stream of gatling cannon shots that punched through the side armor.  The shells triggering a detonation that blew the lower half of the knight apart sending the torso to slam into the earth.  The scion though battered quickly escaped the cockpit of the doomed war machine to scamper back into imperial lines determined to fight again another day.

Meanwhile the Stygian command squad voxed an Infidel raider that was swinging in to low orbit even as a sword frigate was doing the same.  With the two warships pounding each other in space the infidel raider swung it's nose down and sent a single torpedo down at the world below at the coordinates the Stygian commander had given.  A sudden titanic blast engulfed the imperial basilisk and manticore as the ordinance crashed into the ground beside them and detonated.  Sheets of flame streaked up to the sky but in the end all that remained was a series of smoking craters.  Half the Imperial artillery was gone.

The advancing chimeras in the west opened fire at the entrenched liskavian heavy weapon squads.  Their multilasers blasting a number of teams from the ruins.

A lone obliterator on the prefects tower opened fire with his lascannon at one of the wyverns in the center.  But the dense smoke and flame from the orbital strike threw off his aim and he only blew the track off the murderous imperial artillery track.

A lone maulerfiend that had worked his way up from behind the prefects tower charged a Kharkovian command chimera.  The daemonic war engines fists smashing the apc to kindling before it exploded sending the dazed command stranded before the ravenous murder engine.

Special thanks go out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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