Final Battle of Guttar part 3

The Sorcerer Sarwen surveyed the battle schematics that flowed into his helmet.  The Imperials had hit the east hard but the rest of his line was holding well.  Sarwen sensed hesitation on the part of the Imperials, he would sieze the initiative and launch his counterattack now before the Imperials could act decisively.  The eastern part of the battlefield would be reinforced by a maulerfiend from the center.  The losses to the militia were horrific but they were cheap gun fodder at any rate Sarwen reasoned.  And they were still enough left to carry out the battle plan.  With cold calculation Sarwen ordered the advance.

Meanwhile a Stygian psycher drew upon the power of the wrp mutter incantations.  A sudden tear in the fabric of reality appeared and out stepped a group of bloodletters suddenly shoring up the eastern half of the battle.  The daemons hissed with bloodlust their burning blades shimmering with barely contained rage and bloodlust.

The air was filled with the shriek of a heldrake roaring overhead.  It's dragon like body sending a shadow of doom upon all below as it targeted the Imperial vanquisher.  It's rotary cannons spitting heavy rounds into the imperial tank stunning it and causing it to smoke.

A plasma cannon equipped helbrute opened up on a group of kharkovian sentinels.  The burning plasma slamming into the lead sentinel and wrecking it's lascannon. even as the helbrute ducked back behind a promethium storage tank

Stygian militia opened fire on the advance Kharkovian squad.  The staccato sound of autogun fire echoing amongst the battlefield as they cut down a handful of the veteran guardsmen.

No sooner had the gunfire from the militia stopped when the maulerfiend and enraged helbrute slammed into them.  The daemonic war machines fueled by a killing frenzy swiftly carved the veteran guardsmen and their accompanying priest to pieces before sweeping forward into Imperial lines.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with these battle reports.


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