Battle of Guttar- Prefects Tower finale

Despite the sudden raids on the Stygian line major Astor remained confident of victory.  Stygian forces began maneuvering for a final blow at the hated Imperials.  The Stygian russ targeted the dazed survivors of the recent IED blast.  Firing it's main gun it blew apart a number of the shell shocked survivors.

In the Imperial center the Stygian chimera unleashed it's hull mounted heavy flamer into the dazed infantry squad burning most of them down and leaving a lone priest to face the wrath of a bloodthirster.

Stygian infantry set up a crossfire for the squad that had blown up the manticore.  under a hail of fire seven of the guardsmen were viciously cut down with the three dazed survivors fleeing in panic.

The fleshhounds charged the guardsmen in front of them.  Terror griped the Liskavian squads hearts as they were brutally torn apart by the snapping jaws of the warp predators.

Meanwhile the lord of change cut down the Kharkovian sergeant but his blade was deflected again and again by the priests rosarius.  Howling with rage the greater daemon watched as the priest backed away, scurrying off to fight another day.
The bloodletters charged the other Liskavian infantry squad.  They hacked apart the first three to stand against them.  and then another two who stood their ground buying time for their squadmates to escape as orders flowed through the vox from Major Riga to withdraw as rapidly as possible.

The order came too late for the lone priest in the Imperial center as the bloodthirster came sweeping down off the tower.  It swung it's massive axe as it came and promptly cut the priest in twain as it laughed in deranged blood lust.
Just as suddenly as it had flared up the battle subsided around the prefects Tower.  Shots and screams still echoed throughout the city as the battle of Guttar raged on.  However it was suddenly still around the tower save for the moans of the wounded.  Atop the Prefects Tower, Stygian troops began setting up observation posts and calling in airstrikes throughout the city.
Special thanks again to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help and the use of his wonderfully built and painted guard army in this battle report.


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