Anglican Scion Squad

Used extensively through the Stygian Wars, Anglia Prime fielded numerous Scion detachments.  With their heavy armor and excellent firepower they formed an elite amidst the Anglican forces.  Anglican Scion units were often attached to Anglican Regiments in packets after the failed Mehnra counterattack that saw as mass drop of three Anglican regiments cut off and massacred before ground forces could arrive.
Anglican Scions attached to regular Anglican regiments would often see employment in three different roles.  The first as a special operations force conducting missions behind stygian lines.
The second role was as LRRPs, Long Range Recon Patrols.  A squad of five often scouting ahead of the main Anglican force locating Stygian force concentrations and bringing overwhelming Anglican artillery down upon them.
The Third role was as a shock troop raiding party.  Anglican regiments were documented experts in trench warfare.  When engaged in such warfare Scion squads would conduct trench raids in the dark of the night often with spectacular results.


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