Battle of Guttar- Prefects Tower part5

The Stygian forces continued to advance on the imperial force.  The Stygian squads that had entered the prefects tower now reached the roof and were joined there by a bellowing bloodthirster.  For the moment the Stygian empire had complete and total control of Prefects Tower.

The Lord of change then held out a beckoning finger and another warp rift appeared.  leaping out of it was a rage maddened pack of fleshhounds, braying for blood.

The Stygian heavy weapons team fired on their opposite number.  lascannon blasts blowing a number of guardsmen apart in the ruins.

The command squad called in an artillery strike on the Liskavian guardsmen in the open.  The heavy shells blowing most of those doomed souls apart.

The one Stygian Chimera opened fire then raking the runs where the heavy weapons teams had been holed up.  Multilaser shots slammed through windows along with the accompanying chatting of heavy bolter fire.

The Devil Dog opened fire on the remaining demolisher.  The meltacannon striking the imperial tank dead on despite the smoke screen.  The melta shot punched through the hull detonating both the fuel and ammo within.  The Imperial tank exploded leaving a burning crater in it's wake.

The hellhound tank then unleashed a torrent of flame into the flank of the Liskavian advance.  The burning promethium turning the noble guardsmen into shrieking torches.

The Stygian Russ and chimera then opened fire into the large infantry unit killing yet more, while a second stygian chimera appeared on the opposite side.  it's guns blazing a path of death and destruction through the imperial ranks.

The Bloodletter charged howling hate at the Imperial techpriests.  Their daemonic blades carving apart the mechanicus followers with ease.  The bloodletters hardly slowed in their haste to find more prey.

The lord of change charged the Kharkovian squad.  The massive daemon cut down three of the guardsmen.  The rest urged on and reassured by the priest stood firm as they sought to kill the greater daemon.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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