Final Battle for Guttar- prelude

After months of fighting Imperial forces were ready to make a final push to capture Guttar.  Forewarned of the coming Imperial assault The Alpha Legion and their Stygian allies prepared their own forces to stop the Imperials, and launch their own counterstroke to drive the Imperials back out of Guttar.  The Imperial plan was a straightforward attack along a broad front.  The Alpha Legion forces planned a double envelopment counterattack to encircle the Imperials and crush them.

Key objective points had already been identified by both sides.  In the western half of the city the chemical storage facility as well as the Guttar fountain had been identified as key objectives.

In the center the Stygian command post along with the ruins next to it were deemed vital, as was the massive high rise the Imperials were using as an hq.

On the eastern part of the Guttar the landing zone in Imperial hands was considered vital by both sides.  For the Imperium as a means of sending reinforcements into the battle.  For the Stygians it was to stop the reinforcements as well as collapsing a imperial flank as part of the planned pincer move counterattack.
With the coming of dawn both sides threw themselves into the Apocalyptic battle.


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