Stygian Raiders -BFG

The Stygian Empire often made extensive use out of captured Imperial Starships.  A captured Starship was either pressed into service as was or underwent extensive refit to turn it into a warship.  These two escort carriers captured earlier in the war were rededicated to the Stygian Empire and used as raiders.  Known as Oni Squadron the two ships would often lay in wait amidst asteroid belts and launch fighter and bomber waves at passing Imperial convoys.  Besides this particularly nasty tactic the two ships also were retrofitted to lay mines as well.  Often they would mine a space lane then use fighters and bomber to attack a convoy.  The convoy more often than not when attacked would attempt to hold the Stygian bombers at bay while rushing full speed ahead to escape the ambush.  And run promptly into the mines the oni squadron had previously laid.  A number of Imperial transport ships were lost to the Stygian Empire in this manner.

The escort carriers are from forgeworld but sadly are now oop.


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