Batte of St. Jamal's shrine part5

The Alpha legion squad carrying meltaguns advanced by the burning craters of the other two dreadnaughts in the center.  Here the Imperial line was weak. Sensing the chance to completely crack the Imperial line beyond repair they strode forth and targeted the immobilized dreadnaught.  With a hiss the meltaguns opened fire.  The thermic heat of the melta shot detonated the ammo and power supply of the Imperial war machine and it vanished in a massive detonation.

Meanwhile on the Alpha Legion's left flank the defiler moved across the broken ground bellowing foul cants as it raced up to the remaining rhino, lifting it up with it's massive claws and smashing it asunder sending it's marines to tumble out the back.  With contempt the defiler ran it's armored tentacles through the gutted transport and ripping it's driver asunder.

Meanwhile the other possessed vindicator moved to the center to support th second Alpha Legion squad there combining all their fir on the newly arrived terminators.  When the gunfire died away only two of the hulking warriors ere left standing.

No sooner had the fire faded away from the terminators when Alpha Legion Gene-slave Gladiators appeared.  These bulky creatures are vat grown by the flesh crafters of the legion and by it's attached here-techs.  fitted with weapons and designed for endurance they are fearsome opponents.  They are made even more so with the array of combat drug injectors that festoon their body allowing them to ignore pain and adding a chemical derived frenzy to their attacks.  The Gene-slave Gladiators (nurgle spawn) proceeded to hack apart the two remaining terminators.
Elsewhere of the Alpha Legion right flank, the possessed's rhino rolled up on Xerxes unit and unleashed it's combi-flamer.  The thick armor of the marines was enough to keep them from harm however until the Helbrute charged into them snapping a terminator in two with it's claw before being smashed apart in turn by Xerxes and a thunder hammer wielding terminator.

Special thanks goes out to John Ondich-Batson (pictured below)for all his help with this battle report.


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