Battle of St. Jamal's Shrine part 4

The air on the Stygian right flank suddenly grew thick and heavy with ozone followed by a sudden flash as five terminators from the Knights of the Sacred Flame teleported behind the Alpha Legion right flank.  In a mere heartbeat they sized up the tactical situation and brought their guns to bear on the rear of a possessed vindicator.  This vehicle in addition to being dangerous to them represented a great sacrilege and so chanting vows of righteous fury opened fir on it.  Shell after shell punched through the thin rear armor and a scream could be heard all across the battlefield by the daemonic entities within as the vindicator burned.

Xerxes opened up on the Alpha Legion marines in front of him with his heavy flamer immolating two of them.  Swearing upon the sacred flame a vow to show the traitors no mercy he led his retinue into the fray.  Xerxes war spear a master crafted weapon said to be made by his own hand inflicted terrible carnage cutting down the Alpha Legion champion and three of his fellow traitors.  Tiberius cut down two more before the terminators cut down the remainder.  Meanwhile the land raider opened fire on the possessed who waded through the hail of fire unscathed protected by their daemonic auras.

Meanwhile on the Alpha Legion left flank the knights of the Flame threw themselves into the attack.  The lone survivor of one combat squad and the other combat squad fired bolt pistols an threw grenades into Kalli and his Alpha Legion marines before charging in.  The lone survivor of the first combat squad was engulfed by fire from the units flamer and killed.  The second squad leapt at the Alpha Legion marines.  Sadly for the Knights of the Sacred Flame these Alpha Legion marines were veterans of the long war, well versed in the quick killing of astartes.  So with a thrum of chainswords and screams of hatred and vengeance the Alpha Legion cut down the loyalist marines.  Meanwhile the Defiler scooped up the last marine in the ruins with it's massive claws and cut him in half before continuing the advance.

Special thanks go to John Ondich-Batson for all his help preparing this battle report.


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