Kharkovian regiment

Kharkovian regiments are classed in one of two different ways.  Regular line formations and Guards status formations.  Regular line formations are newly formed regiments where Guards regiments are composed almost entirely by veterans with a single successful campaign to their credit.  Often tw regular line formations will be melded together after a campaign to form a new Guards regiment.
Kharkovian regiments tend to be heavily mechanized.  Kharkovia being a foundry world, is thus able to equip it's regiments with large nubers of armored vehicles.  Kharkovian regiments therefore are often accompanied on campaign by tech priests.  Adherence and adulation of the Imperial creed is a Kharkovian trait and Kharkovian regiments often are accompanied by preachers and their vehicles fitted with religious icons to proclaim this faith.
During the Stygian wars Kharkovian regiments especially guard regiments were the at the forefront of any mechanized campaign.  Often they were at the forefront of any offensive or mobile counterattack.  Their mobility and heavy use of firepower often saw them achieve fantastic results against Stygian guard and militia units.


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