Imperial Preacher

All across the Imperium prest and preachers can be found teaching the Imperial Creed.  During the Stygian wars these preachers often took up arms along with their followers when Stygian forces invaded their worlds.  They offered up a voice of resistance, and while their individual effectiveness varied their fanaticism did not.  Imperial preachers were vital for keeping up morale on every planet touched by the Stygian wars.  They were the voices of Imperial propaganda and in some instances they were the Imperial scourge.  On Thyros II redemptionist priest in the second year of the Stygian wars whipped the people into such a frenzy that 45,000 mutant indentured servants were killed by mobs and nearly 1,000 suspected witches burned in a single week.  Imperial preachers and priests along with their faithful flocks often served as the first line of defense against insurgents, and flashfire attacks.
     Not only were Imperial preachers confined to Imperial rear areas.  Large numbers of extremely zealous preachers attached themselves to Imperial regiments and accompanied them into battle in order to tend to their spiritual needs and inspire them to victory.  Their powerful sermons and battlefield actions, alongside their unwavering faith was thought to act as a shield against the horrors of the Stygian wars amongst Imperial Guardsmen.

This model is from Kromlech minatures and was an absolute joy to put together and paint.  It contains a wonderful amount of detail and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in buying one.


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