Incident at outpost 217 part2

Captain Zhukor of the Guardian chapter of the Adeptus Astartes scanned the ruined outpost through the internal optics of his rhino apc.  The outpost appeared to be deserted although signs of fighting were everywhere.  They had quickly made their way through the outer part of the outpost without encountering any resistance, nor seeing a single living soul.  Zhukor was now approaching the center of the outpost and as of yet was unsure of what exactly they were dealing with.  The damage they had seen was non astartes in origin and appeared to be made by normal human weapons than post human ones.  This led him to believe it was insurgents of the Stygian Empire.  However Insurgents usually displayed their loyalty and often went to great lengths to advertise their handiwork.  Cautiously Zhukor ordered the advance continue.
The Streets seemed empty, the outpost deserted but every combat instinct that Captain Zhukor possessed screamed that danger was near.  It was to this instinct that when the vindicator reported seeing movement up ahead and to the right, but was unable to identify what the target was, Zhukor didn't hesitate.
"Open Fire"
The quiet stillness was suddenly broken by the booming roar of a demolisher cannon and the echoing explosion near a building corner.

With the vindicator opening fire three screamers suddenly darted out of a building and dove upon the lead rhino.  Their lamprey bites long used to tear open ship hulls unprotected by a Gellar field sliced through the apc's armor with ease and detonating it's ammo stores.  The resultant explosion killed one of the screamers it's body shimmering out of existence and back to the warp.  Capt. Zhukor cursed, this wasn't insurgents, it was a daemonic incursion that he was dealing with.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report


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