Incident at outpost 217 part 1

Styphon Moon- Mining outpost 217 had suddenly went dark overnight.  Imperial Authorities on Styphon moon noted the absence of the scheduled vox transmission and put it out of their minds.  After all there had been nothing to indicate trouble in the previous nights vox report.  After attempts to raise outpost 217 on the vox failed a tech priest was dispatched.  Vox communications routinely broke down as the moons harsh environment was hard on equipment.  When communications with the repair team suddenly ceased was when the first alarms began to be raised.  While Styphon and her moon were a ways from the frontlines of the Stygian War they were still within raiding distance of the Stygian Empire.  The next day a company of pdf was sent to investigate outpost 217.  Shortly after arriving at outpost 217 all contact was lost with the pdf company.  Imperial authorities finally began sounding the alarm.
     A Strike Cruiser of the Guardians chapter of the Adeptus Astartes was traversing nearby on it's way to the front lines.  Imperial Authorities on Styphon Moon contacted them asking for their assistance.  The Guardians under Captain Zhukor agreed and led a small detachment to investigate unaware they were heading into a trap.
 The Stygian Empire had indeed struck outpost 217 but not with a large armed force, rather it was a single man acting out a malefic plan.
     The Tzeetchian Daemon prince Colzat longed for the mortal realm.  He ached for power and through the mortal realm sought to achieve it.  he communed with the unholy psychic seers of the Stygian Empire.  To these mortals he promised to bring an army a foul creatures through with him and engulf their enemies in blood.  He would turn an entire world to chaos and create a deamon world which would rip entire sector open to incursion from the warp. 

Within the Stygian Empire a cult formed in his name and according to his instructions.  Before long a psycher was found with enough talent to be taught a special invocation of Colzat's design.  After the psycher was fully indoctrinated into the cult of Colzat, he was taught through seers communicating with Colzat the invocation.  Alpha Legion marines aiding the Stygian Empire put the young psycher aboard a small stealth ship and inserted him without detection on the Styphon moon.  There the psycher made his way to outpost 217 and in the middle of the night used the invocation.
The psycher died but his death enabled Colzat to enter into the material world.  Using the power of the warp Colzat hid himself from mortal eyes and began slaughtering the entire outpost in it's sleep.  With each death he dealt he grew stronger and before long used it to open a small warp rift.  out came a number of lesser daemons swearing fealty to Colzat before joining in the slaughter of the outpost. 
By dawn outpost 217 was his but he lacked the power to expand the rift or sustain the daemons with him outside of the outpost.  The Techpriest and servitors helped sustain the incursion with their deaths.  The company of pdf that he ambushed and massacred greatly increased his power.  One more bloodletting like that would see the rift strengthened to the point Colzat could lead forth a daemonic tie across the surface of the moon and begin a full on daemonic invasion.  It was with glee his powers of scrying showed the approach of the Guardians marines.  Colzat and his fellow daemons hid, planning to ambush the astartes and doom Styphon's moon to it's fate.
Special thanks go out to Chris Edstrom (pictured above) for all his help with this battle report.


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