Battle of St. Jamal's shrine part7

With Darkness fast approaching the Alpha Legion hurried to secure the victory and achieve total annihilation of the Knights of the Sacred Flame before they could escape into the night.  On the Stygian left flank the damaged vindicator pouring smoke spun around.  The daemonic entities that inhabited the war machine voiced their howls of rage through the speakers mounted upon it.  Then the possessed tank spoke with it's demolisher cannon, the shell slammed into the terminators amongst the ruins blowing three of the five apart and leaving to stunned survivors amidst the smoke and flame of the ruins.

Sorcerer Adept Killi waved the defiler off pointing towards the land raider attempting to plug the gap in the Imperial center.  He reached out to the warp to draw upon it's power and recoiled.  The mere act of reaching out had almost seen him subsumed b the warp.  So eager and impatient were they for the promised sacrifice that any attempt at sorcery would like result in death.  Such was their hunger that Killi closed himself off to it.  With a gesture the Alpha Legion squad opened up on the Knights of the Sacred Flame combat squad.  Burning Promethium from a flamer engulfed them and no sooner had the sire died down then Killi led the charge.  With chainswords roaring they cut down three of the loyalist marines while the other two acting quickly fell back before Killi could catch them to a new firing position.

Meanwhile on the right flank Xerxes and Tiberius hacked apart the last of the Gene-slaves with ease as the creatures reflexes and reactions slowed with the draining of the combat stimulants that had fueled it.  The Alpha Legion Squad continued it's bloody melee with the assault terminators finishing them off.  Four Alpha Legion marines in the Squad then advanced on Tiberius eager to claim his head and secure recognition for themselves.

In the center the defiler and the Squad of Alpha Legion Marines that had endured the Land Raider's fire advanced rapidly upon it.  The Defiler's claws ripped huge chunks out of the side of the tank while Alpha Legion marines climbed atop of the Imperial war machine.  They ripped open the hatches and pulled the tank's crew out and butchered them even as the defiler got the tank to burn.  Bellows of triumph emerged from the Alpha Legion marines to be echoed by the possessed holding aloft the Skull of St. Jamal they had recovered.  A single Alpha legion Marine planted the standard of vengeance upon the burning tank.  Soon it seemed total victory would be theirs.

Special thanks to John Ondich-Batson (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report


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