Incident at outpost 217 part3

With the enemy now revealed in full Captain Zhukor ordered the Guardian units to push on and fight their way through the ambush.  On his right flank one of the combat squads from the destroyed rhino rushed forward into a building.  From windows they could see horrors outside and quickly they leveled their guns taking them under fire.  The other combat squad however unleashed a deadly fusillade of shots into the screamers blowing them apart and avenging the loss of their rhino.

Meanwhile on the left flank movement was spotted coming from a ruined building.  Zhukor dismounted a single combat squad who confirmed the presence of a number of bloodletters stalking through the ruins.  The guardians opened fire on them and the vindicator added it's cannon shell to the din.  Through the smoke and fire only handful of the deranged murderous deamons could be seen emerging.

The Bloodletters roared in rage and suddenly their banner shimmered as Colzat the Daemon prince cried out to the warp and ten more bloodletters appeared.  Snarling the first bloodletters charged the Guardian marines hacking two of them apart and trapping them in swirling melee.

In the center the smoke and flames around the crater that once was a rhino gave rise to three new shapes behind the Guardian Marines.  Three flamers of Tzeentch suddenly appeared behind them.  Before the marines could act they were engulfed in a torrent of fire that saw four of the five killed.

The horrors opened up hurling bolts of fire into the marine squad in the building but to no effect.  Colzat the daemon prince rushed into the building intent on slaughter.  His mutating warp blade cut down the first marines with ease .  The Sergeant with a power fist stood before him and Colzat lunged with the blade piercing the astartes armor.  As he did so Colzat grinned in anticipation and whispered a word of power.  The marines armor slumped off as the astartes body transformed itself into a winged dragon spawn.  Colzat roared in triumph having turned a pinnacle of humanity into a twisted spawn bound to his will.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom for all his help with this battle report


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