Incident at outpost 217 finale

Reeling from the Daemonic onslaught and keenly aware of the danger posed by daemonic invasion through a warp rift Captan Zhukor ordered his marines to break contact and get out of outpost 217.  Zhukor had accomplished the recon part of the mission now he was determined to get out and level the site with orbital strikes from the orbiting strike cruiser.

Zhukor cursed as the vox came to life and the vindicator informed him that he was cut off escape impossible and asked Zhukor commend his soul to the emperor.  Knowing he was doomed the vindicator commander was determined to extract a small measure of vengeance even as daemons encircled his vehicle.  The massive daemon prince stood next to the serpentine spawn over his butchered brothers in the open.  The vindicator fired it's massive cannon and suddenly the deamon prince and serpent spawn were engulfed in the fury of a titanic detonation.  As the blast cleared only a massive crater remained where the two had once stood.

With the sudden removal of Daemon prince Colzat the warp began to run wild as the tether holding the daemons to reality began to break.  The daemons knew the only way to keep from being sucked back into the warp was with violence and bloodshed.  They screamed rage and threw themselves recklessly at the space marines still there.  The vindicator was promptly ripped open and it's crew gutted before the vehicle was set alight .  it was revenge for Colzat but it did not change the fact that no new hordes of daemons would be coming to overwhelm the moon in a full daemonic incursion.

Zhukor mentally blessed the vindicator crew as he withdrew out of outpost 217.  The killing of the daemon prince would undoubtedly halt further daemonic incursion.  Still the outpost was tainted and one did not take any risks when dealing with a possible daemonic invasion.  He contacted the strike cruiser and ordered the site be declared perditas and scoured from the moons surface.  No daemonic taint was to remain.  Only when confirmation of his orders was confirmed did Zhukor allow himself a respite.  This was a victory, a costly one true but a victory none the less, the Stygian plot had been foiled.
Special thanks to Chris Edstrom (Seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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