Stygian Devil Dog

Armed with the powerful Meltacannon as well as a hull mounted multimelta, the devil dog is a heavily armed light support tank.  With it's weaponry it can easily and quickly blast apart enemy strongpoints in an infantry support role.  It can also just as easily take out enemy armor.  It's range however is far shorter than that of a main battle tank and it has far weaker armor.  The Stygian Empire however made good use of these vehicles both for infantry support and in armor clashes.  Indeed in most armor engagements the Devil dogs were often set on outflanking movements the second contact was made between armored units.  They would often then achieve surprise and a quick tally of vehicle kills that would see the Imperial armor units forced to retreat.

This is the standard GW hellhound/devil dog kit.  Chaos spikes were added as was the gunner in the cupola who has a fantasy marauder head.  The shields that festoon the tank are from the fantasy chaos marauder kit.  The chains that decorate the hull are from the chaos vehicle upgrade sprue.


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