Operation Swift Atonement- Rescue of Techmarine Vollus- part 1
Sgt. Vorshek, veteran space marine, Sternguard of the Guardians Chapter of Adeptus Astartes moved silently through the moonlit desert.  Behind him moving silently was the rest of his sternguard combat squad.  Sgt. Vorshek noted with approval the silent moving of his squad.  A single sound could gve them away and endanger not just the mission but the Squad itself.  They were afterall deep in enemy territory.  Stealth and silence would be the keys to success here, it was why each member of the sternguard infiltration unit had a silencer attached to his bolter.  Sgt. Vorshek continued to scan the horizon in infrared  spectrum through his helmet visor.  His heads up display before his eyes overlaid the route intelligence had said to take in order to rescue and retrieve Techmarine Vollus of their chapter.  Suddenly the enemy airbase came into view.

Sgt. Vorshek swept his eyes across the site before him.  The Airfield still bore the same layout in general that it had a year ago when it had been under Imperial control.  He could see a number of three man patrols roving through the base.  Stygian soldiers in the main along with a few band of what appeared to be mutant conscripts.  Sgt. Vorshek switched the safety off of his bolter and the rest of the sternguard did the same.  Using his helmet's retinal display Vorshek keyed the secure vox to his squad.
"Skirt the barracks to the west before closing on our final objective.  Bolters at the ready, For the Emperor and the chapter squad advance."
Sgt. Vorshek listened as the squad voxed acknowledgement of the orders.  All of them knew the importance of this mission.  Techmarine Vollus was the lone survivor of their chapter from the battle of khalita ridge and the disasterous attempt to reopen supply lines.  According to the last vox reports of the Liskavian officer commanding the assault, Vollus had singlehandedly taken out a heldrake, a Alpha Legion sorcerer, and had very nearly turned the tide of battle.  As they began their approach a group of three mutant conscripts suddenly approached them from their right flank.  Before he was aware of it his vox crackled to life.
"Contact right, three hostiles engaging"
No sooner did Vorshek turn to face this threat approaching him three whispered shots sprang from Brother Karpov's bolter.  Just as suddenly all three mutants fell dead to three perfect headshots.
"Targets purged proceding on mission"
"Acknowledged Brother Karpov, excellent shooting." Vorshek voxed back.

Vorshek continued to lead the advance moving silently.  Three Stygian soldiers suddenly appeared before him completely unaware of his presence.  Threat indicators blazed on Vorshek's helmet display and he raised his bolter.  He fired automatically three quick shots to the heads of the traitors before him.  He felt a aloof detachment as the three slumped to the ground dead having never realized the danger that had come upon them.
"Our brother Sgt. seeks to outshine us with his marksmanship." Karpov joked over the secure vox.
Vorshek allowed himself a grin, ignoring karpov's quip and continued forward.  They continued their advance pausing when another group of Stygian soldiers drew near.  Vorshek considered bypassing them but decided against it.  Dead they could not hinder their escape later.  Deep down however he admitted it was a decision born more out of the hatred he felt for the traitors.  Afterall he thought treason begets retribution as he fired again cutting the three down.
"Behold our brother Sgt. becomes the instrument of the Emperor's wrath." Karpov intoned.
"Indeed brother, a few more meters and then we turn east towards the objective." Vorshek voxed back to the squad.
Suddenly Three Stygians rounded the corner oblivious to the loyalist marines  Vorshek saw the surprise in their eyes and then one opened his mouth to yell.  Vorshek fired a bolt round into the traitors head while his squad reacting with superhuman reflexes cut down the other two before the alarm could be raised.

Special thanks go out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for his help with this battle report using his well painted Guardian marine army.


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