operation nesting asps- assault on the hasem line part5

Major Verrox watched with horror as the front trench of his right flank was swept clear by Stygian flamethrowers.  he could see Stygian infantry about to take the trench.  On the left fleshhounds were in amongst his men in the trench. Desperately he ordered his reserves forward to plug the gaps while a techpriest tried franticly to get the last demolisher working.
Meanwhile the Stormtalon dropped into hover mode and began unloading all of it's firepower into the hapless manticore.  Under the deluge of fire the artillery piece quickly succumbed and burned.

On the Imperial right flank a heavy weapons team opened up on the chimera with the heavy flamer.  The lascannon shot punched through the hull hit the promethium container for the flamer and blew the chimera into a flame filled crater.  Guardian marines raced into the right flank trench and along with the imperial guard fired back at point blank range into the closest stygians butchering them.

Meanwhile on the Imperial left flank Guardian marines opened up on the flamers and despite the insubstantial nature of the daemons two of the three suddenly winked out of exsistance as bolt rounds chewed into them.  The Sternguard squad opened up on a group of stygians trying to cross no mans land blasting four of them apart.

Without warning Tech Marine Vollus leapt over the trench running towards the conscripts and the herald screaming oaths of hatred and vengeance.  The herald grinned and whispered a word, suddenly Vollus felt his body stiffen and he fell over paralyzed.  One of the conscripts pointed a rifle to his head as the other conscripts renewed their advance.  Vollus knew despair and the hacking laughter of the herald reached his ears.

Meanwhile towards the center a squad of guardsmen charged in to help their fellow guardsmen with the hell hounds.  As they rushed in the daemonic nature of their foe horrified them and one of the hounds it's unnatural senses picking up on it savaged two of them.  Despite this the guardsmens nerves held up and they held refusing to flee.

special thanks goes out again to Chris Edstrom for his invaluable help putting this battle report together


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