Operation Swift Atonement- part2
Sgt. Vorshek motioned the squad forward, carefully stepping over the bodies of the Stygians they had just mown down.  So far the alarm hadn't been raised but Vorshek knew it was only a matter of time until the bodies of those they had slain were discovered and the enemy alerted.  They skirted the barracks and Vorshek and his squad peered around the corner at their objective.
"What in the name of Terra is that?" Brother Karpov voxed.
Standing at the entrance was a large cybernetic construct.  Vorshek could feel malevolent intent radiating from it.
"Dark Mechanicus construct of some sort, similar to a Kastellan robot perhaps?" Vorshek replied on the vox. "Brother Ullan take it out with your combi-plasma.  Rest of the squad to target stygian guards and disregard further stealth protocols.  For the Emperor!"
The Squad burst from covering advancing and firing.  The Stygian guards were cut down in seconds.  The daemonic war engine staggered under plasma fire a small explosion bursting from it's shoulder rocking it back a step.

Alarms began blaring as the Stygian forces became aware of the Guardians presence.  A piercing unnatural cry followed by a roar came from the daemon engine as it launched itself at Vorshek and his marines.  Vorshek opened up along with the rest of his squad and watched as bolter rounds bounced off the things thick armor.  Vorshek ducked as the thing closed and it's lasher tentacle swung wildly in their midst.  Vorshek fired another ineffective round then watched in horror as Brother Ullan 's helmet exploded on impact with the things powerfist.

More Stygians were approaching and three of them raced forward to join the Daemon engine at the kill.  Vorshek knew something had to be done and done quickly.
"Brothers, use Krak grenades on the machine.  I'll take care of the new arrivals." Vorshek ordered.
Vorshek moved quickly drawing a combat knife the size of a human short sword.  He thrust first taking a stygian in the chest killing him instantly even as he used his left fist to cave in the second one's skull.  Vorshek heard the cry as Brother Breznak was cut in two by the machines tentacles and the roar of an explosion and then triumph as his squad destroyed the thing in turn.  The last Stygian turned to flee but Vorshek leapt forward plunging his blade through the mans back and leaving him paralyzed on the ground to slowly bleed out.

Vorshek suddenly spotted six more stygians advancing on them firing as they went.  Lasfire sparked off his armor and from the corner of his eye he saw a psycher bolt from the objective running away.  Vorshek hurled a frag grenade at the approaching stygians and watched as Karpov and Chukan did the same.  A series of detonations engulfed their foes leaving only charred bodies behind and the way open to rescuing Vollus.

With a roar the three guardian marines rushed in to save Techmarine Vollus.  Vorshek and Karpov shot two of the guards dead.  Brother Chukan enrage at the sight of the battered Vollus made a mighty lunge with his combat blade at the stygian officer.  To Vorshek's horror the Stygian sidestepped the blow and thrust his chainsword two handed into Brother Chukan's throat as he was overextended.  Vorshek screamed as though to deny the death of his fellow astartes and then emptied his bolter into the Stygian.  Vorshek could not afford time to mourn however as the base was on full alert.  Together with Karpov they carried Vollus between them and raced to the landing pad firing bursts at any stygian who drew too near.  Vorshek saw the astartes gunship land and raced into the modified hold.  Vollus had been rescued the mission was a success.

Special thanks again to Chris Edstrom for his help with this battle report.


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