Assault on the haslem line part4

Operation Nesting Asps
Assault on the Haslem line part4
With dawn now upon them major Nagash ordered the continued advance of all units. APc's raced forwards with the first of them reaching the Imperial front and beginning to disembark.
The herald looked upon the marines sheltering in the trench line firing at the flesh hounds.  He thrust his spear staff into the ground and a wave of power rolled off of him.  Stepping out of the flames behind him stepped three flamers of tzeentch.  mutated beyond reason with flames emanating from their hands and mouths.  The herald pointed at the marines with his spear staff and the daemons ran forwards even as the conscripts poured fire ineffectively into the loyalist astartes.

Major Nagash seeing his units surge forward ordered covering fire.  Three lascannons targeted the one demolisher.  The bright laser beams intersected on the tank and set it again ablaze.  The immobilized Devil dog fired into the second demolisher stunning it while the remaining lascannons took potshots at the Storm talon that evaded their fire with ease.

Now the first troops to reach the front of the Imperial trench began to open fire point blank in the faces of the guardsmen holding them.  Lt. Agrive led his comman squad forward with their flamers and heavy flamers.  The heavy flamer on their smoking chimera opened up first followed by the ommand squad pouring burning promethium into the packed trenches.  Screams rose to a crescendo as nearly twenty guardsmen were roasted alive and a gap was opened in the imperial lines.

The Fleshhounds now made straight for another guardsman squad howling with bloodlust.  Onward they bounded through the hail of fire the guardsmen laid down in a mad minute firing drill.  They slammed into the imperials ripping out throats with their razor sharp teeth before grabbing the limbs of others with their massive jaws crushing them.  A few of the guardsmen were able to stab the one hound to death with their bayonets.  Despite losing over half their number the guardsmen held on.  To flee they knew meant certain death, besides this trench carried on it's outer  front the bones of those who had previously given their lives defending this position.  They would not dishonor themselves and the dead they would fight to the last. 
Major Nagash watched as the imperial line reeled under the onslaught.  he could feel the imperials on the edge of breaking he just had to push a bit harder.

special thanks go out again to Chris Edstrom for all his invaluable help with this battle report.


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