Operation Nesting Asps
Tular Valley Massacre part 3
Another sonic roar filled the valley as a second Heldrake dove down to join the fray.  It's hades autocannons sounded in ripping booms as the multi barreled gun unloaded into the mobile rhino blowing it's stormbolter and tracks off. 
Meanwhile the Helcult advanced pouring fire on the marines as they moved.  Two marines fell to the intense fire but the rest came stalwartly on.  Obliterator Sokarn morphed his weapons again into a massive plasma cannon and targeted the marines on the Imperial right flank.  His blast hammered into them as he unleashed the power of a raging star into their midst immolating five marines.  The power of the blast sent plasma into the other rhino rupturing it's fuel cells and a second explosion followed the first and the imperial line was now engulfed in a raging firestorm.

The other heldrake flapped it's wings and using it's ventricle engines went into hover mode and began to spew napalm upon the marines on the Imperial left flank immolating them and adding to the vicious firestorm that now engulfed the Guardian chapter assault force.

Sgt Surnov charged forward exhorting his fellow marines and plunged through the veritable storm of fire.  Bitterly he cursed as his promised air support in the form of a storm talon gunship could not reach him leaving his command at the mercy of the heldrakes encircling them.  One squad rushed towards and opened up on the hovering heldrake.  Black smoke began to pour from the daemonic war engine yet it was still intact.  Sgt Surnov ordered bolter fire into the stygian militia ahead and another squad of them were brutally cut down by the Guardians bolter drill.

special thanks again go out to Chris Edstrom for his help in this battle report.  The well painted marine models are his.


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