Operation Nesting Asps
Assault on the Haslem Line
With Imperial Supply lines now successfully interdicted the time had come to attack along the entire northern salient front.  Asura the Alpha Legion champion in charge of the campaign could spare no major reinforcements to aid in breaking through what was known by the Imperials as the Haslem line.  A reinforced company of the Stygian Guard 56th regiment would make the initial assault on the line.  The objective being to pierce the line, and destroy and capture an Imperial bastion that provided the lynchpin for the Haslem lines defenses in that section.  Major Nagash of the Stygian guard began preperations for a deliberate assault.  Nagash began by conducting a number of trench raids in the days leading up to the assault to gain better intelligence on the state of the defenses, the defenders, as well as the approaches the assault would have to cover.
Unfortunately for Nagash one of his trench raiders was captured and under interrogation revealed what was known about the upcoming assault.  Alarmed the Imperial forces desperately called out for aid.  A small contingent of space marines from the Guardians chapter managed a risky air drop and reinforced Imperial lines.
That night under the cover of darkness the Stygian guard took up assault positions.  They would begin the assault in the last few hours of night relying on darkness to help mask their approach and take the Imperials by surprise.

For this battle report I used 2k of my Stygian (traitor) guard army while my opponent Chris Edstrom used his Imperial Guard and Guardians space marine army.  I painted most of the terrain we played over including the wall of martyrs set.  We played the bunker assault mission from the stronghold assault book seen below.


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