Frequently used by Dark Mechanicus and Alpha Legion forces, and occasionally with Stygian militia units.  The Defiler combines superior firepower with brutal close combat capability.  It's daemonic possession enables it to shrug off most damage and allows it to continue operating at peak combat efficiency.  It's presence in any warzone in the Stygian war ensures the most serious attention from Imperial high command and from the adepts of mars in particular.

I used the standard defiler kit for this model.  I used green stuff and parts from the bloodletter kit to construct the daemons growing out of the hull.  I chose to use bloodletters as I was making this a close combat defiler and khorne daemos seemed to be the most appropriate.  I replaced the power scourge that comes with the kit with lasher tendrils from the maulerfiend/forgefiend kit after cutting and gluing them to fit.  The icons painted through the model were based in part from icons used in illustrations on renegade vehicles in the Siege of Vraks books from forgeworld.


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