Operation Nesting Asps
Tular Valley Massacre part 2
As the Guardian space marines advanced the air was split with the rage fueled cry of a heldrake arriving to support the Stygian militia.  Sokharn the obliterator morphed his gun again and aimed at the approaching rhino on the Stygian left flank.  A Lascannon barrel suddenly pushed it's way through his pulsating flesh and Sokharn fired.  The blast hit the rhino punching through the hull and detonating the fuel tanks.  the sudden explosion momentarily blinded his enhanced sensors but when it was gone only a flame wreathed crater holding stunned space marines lay before him.

The Helbrute Khyron's Fury leveled his autocannon and opened fire on Sgt. Surnov's rhino.  The heavy shells blowing off a track while the phosphorous tracer rounds set the lower track alight.  The Heldrake unleashed a torrent of napalm upon the sternguard squad that had gunned down the spawn.  Shrieks filled the air as the majority of the squad was immolated.

Sgt. Surnov cursed as his rhino ground to a halt.  Over the vox he heard the news that his air support was being held up by hellblade fighters.  The Storm Talon promised though it would be arriving shortly.  Secure in this knowledge and unwilling to ever fall back even to regroup in the face of the enemy Sgt. Surnov pressed on.  The surviving sternguard fell back into their rhino which then began to advance.  His other squad opened fire from their flaming crater on the obliterator, one of the bolter rounds managing to slam home and wound the beast.  Surnov punched the control for the ramps and led his own squad forward his bolter firing into the mass of militia in front of him.  The combined fire of him and his squad saw a group of ten militia suddenly disappear in a welter of fire and gore.

Special thanks again to Chris Edstrom for all his help preparing this battle report.  The fantastic marine army that appears in these reports belong to and were painted by Chris.


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