Operation Nesting Asps Assault on the haslem line part6

Despite the devastation suffered by the first units to reach the trenches the second wave of Stygians surged forwards screaming for the deaths of the hated imperials.  Against the imperial left flank the herald reached out with his mind and pulled the death screams of all who had fallen in the last few minutes into a sphere as he muttered incantations.  With a scream that pierced across the entire battlefield reality tore asunder and death in the form of a pack of bloodletters appeared.  their bloody banner waving in the sky giving renewed determination and rage to the assaulting stygian forces.  But the herald was not done yet.  He stretched forth his hand a rictus snarl on his visage and suddenly the ground beneath the sternguard burst into flames conjured from the warp.

Major Nagash began issuing orders at once determined to break through the Imperial defenses.  Some of the support fire teams were ordered to target the Storm talon and they swung their weapons to bear.  Since the marine craft had dropped to hover mode it made for a perfect target.  lascannon fire blew apart it's engnes sending it hurtling to the ground to impact and burn in the dirt.

The next order Nagash gave was for the surviving manticore to target the Imperial right flank and hammer the reserves that now occupied the bunker and trenches there.  Wanting maximum fire placed there to weaken it for the second waves assault the leman russ tank added it's battlecannon even as major Nagash's master of ordinance called in the heavy reserve artillery.  Suddenly the Imperial right flank was enveloped in smoke and fire.

Meanwhile on the imperial left flank the Flamer of Tzeentch leapt into the far end of the trench and pointing it' arms and opening it's massive maw spewed fire into the Guardian marines there, even as the conscripts opened up with their guns into the loyalist marines.
The survivors of a single squad charged the center roaring hate as they leaped into the trench.  Within seconds the pair had carved up three of theguardsmen but the primaris psyche was made of sterner stuff.  Swinging his staff wildly he cave in the head of the Stygian Sgt. before a reverse thrust of the staff caught the second stygian in the sternum and ruptured his diaphragm.  Further down the trench one of the flesh hounds was bayoneted to death but not before another guardsmen was mauled by it's fangs.  The Imperial line now held by a thread.

Special thanks go out to Chris Edstrom for his invaluable help in this battle report.  Unfortunately I have been called out of town for the next few days so I will have the final installment of this battle report posted on Monday night after I return, I thank you all in advance for your patience.


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