The Alpha Atrocity

Grenada Reconquest- Iberian Campaign- Iberia- Iberia Primus-  cross ref ***The Alpha Atrocity*** lvl 8 clearance required.....
During the night the Alpha Legion overlords of the Stygian Empire staged the beginning of their counteroffensive in the capital city of Iberia Primus.  Alpha Legion marines belonging to a special operations cell emerged from hiding in the Industrial sector in the eastern part of the city.  Stygian forces had allowed the Imperials to make massive gains in the east and now had three Anglican regiments taking up positions right where the Alpha Legion wanted them to be.  The Alpha Legion troops cut down the Anglicans near a nuclear power reactor within seconds of emerging.  Then they reprogrammed the reactor and added a few special features to the reactor before disengaging and taking underground passage ways out of the area.  They had however left anti tamper traps and precautions to safeguard their work.  After an hour of the Alpha Legion striking the night was torn asunder with their handiwork.
The resulting nuclear detonation demolished the eastern part of the city and the three Anglican regiments that had been allowed into it's kill radius.  Communications for the encircling imperial forces was suddenly disrupted by the emp and chaos and confusion reigned as the Alpha Legion and their stygian followers unleashed a Harrowing counteroffensive that would come to be known as the Alpha Atrocity by Imperial units in the Grenada system.


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