Targeting the void shield generator

Grenada Reconquest- Iberian campaign- Iberia- Iberia Primus-  A special forces group of scions slipped into the capital city of Iberia Primus.  Their mission was to destroy one of the void shield generators that helped defend the capital from the encircling Imperial forces.
Slowly the team made their way through the ruins encountering no resistance.  Lt. Sizemore leading the Anglican scion squad felt nervous.  He knew a recon mission into the city outskirts by astartes forces had been annihilated, and yet here he was advancing with ease and was no in reach of the target.  Pushing the feeling that this was a trap he ordered his men forward.
With sudden startling speed Alpha Legion marines emerged from the ruins and descended upon the imperial special forces squad.  Sizemore ordered his men to open up and halt the advancing chaos marines but it was far too late and the marines far too fast.  Bolter fire ripped into the Anglicans seconds before the armored giants snuffed out the special operations squad.


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