recon of Iberia Primus part 1

Grenada Reconquest- Iberian campaign- Iberia- Iberia Primus (capital city)  With the path opened up to Iberia Primus Imperial forces began to surround and invest the capital.  It was quickly determined given the bloody nature of the campaign to date that a detailed recon should be done of the city before launching the final battle of the campaign.  A squad of the raven guard astartes moved into the shattered capital.  Seeking not only information but confirmation that Alpha Legion operatives were active in the final stronghold.

Two scouts were sent ahead with three more in overwatch.  The shattered ruins providing cover and concealment for the raven guards activities.  Yet even as they moved into position stygian militia and their Alpha Legion overlords doing a perimeter patrol began to unknowingly advance on the Imperial forces.

Scout Hoverth watched as a single Stygian militia trooper began to advance across the wide city street.  Hefting his heavy bolter he put down a heavy burst of fire walking the rounds into the stygian and dropping him before the gun jammed leaving the scout cursing the recalcitrant war spirit of the heavy bolter.  The shots served to awaken the Stygian and Alpha Legion forces to the presence of the Raven guard scouting detachment.

Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below) for his help with this batrep.


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