Probe of Site 1437 part 7

Asimoth locked in combat with the deadly maulerfiend tried to get the Blood Ravens organized into a fighting withdrawal as the battlefield echoed with the sounds of combat.
Determined to cover the retreat a tactical squad opened fire with a lascannon into the rear of the rampaging Maulerfiend on the Imperial right flank blasting apart one of it's magna cutters but the Daemon engine continued to press on.

The assault squad opened fire on the warpsmith and his retinue of Heretechs in an effort to remove command and control from the dark mechanicus army but were only able to fell a few of the heretechs with the warpsmith standing unscathed.

Meanwhile Asimoth was able to roll under the pounding claws of the maulerfiend and place a meltabomb on the underside of the beast before rolling away.  With a sudden flash the lower half of the beast was blown open and the dead warp engine was left to burn.

The Hellbrute slew another two marines but a single krak grenade stunned it leaving the swirling melee ongoing as the battle raged across site 1437.

Special Thanks goes out to Justin (seen below) for all his help with this battle report including the use of his awesome Blood Ravens!


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