Probe of site 1437 part 4

Zandragel regarded the sudden attack upon the flank and began issuing orders.  helbrutes converged towards the Imperial flank attack.  While a maulerfiend and the kastellen robots advanced up the center in an effort to split the Imperial force in half.  Zandragel then planned to defeat each section in detail and annihilate the Blood Ravens expedition.
The Kataphron's provided covering fire blowing apart another devastator up on the roof with a heavy grav cannon that saw the marine crushed within his armor until the power core of his suit exploded under the pressure.

The Forgefiend fired upon the scouts in the center.  It's rotary cannon spewing a torrent of lead that saw another scout blown apart.

The helbrute advanced on the Imperial left and leveled it's plasma cannon firing a blast into the large group of tactical marines immolating a number of them in superheated plasma fire.

The maulerfiend in the center started off the assault charging into the scouts and biting off the first scouts head before pulverizing the rest with it's gigantic claws.

The Kastellan robots, their conqueror protocols activated charged into Captian Ventridas and his accompanying body guard.  Chainswords bounced off the heavily armored robots.  The Kastellan power fists lashed out raining blows down upon the space marines and pulping them apart in a welter of gore and broken armor.  Ventridas dodged the first blow but a backhand from a robot shattered his helm and skull with a single blow leaving the marine captain a bloody corpse along with his entire retinue.

On the Imperial right flank the maulerfiend charged the scouts.  The marine scouts threw grenades and unloaded their bolters into the daemon engine to no avail.  Three of the scouts were smashed apart.  Yet the scouts retained faith in the Emperor and continued to try and desperately hold the rampage of the daemonic war engine.

Meanwhile the assault marines continued to hack away at the psychotic Genebrutes cutting one of the creatures down but still the other two remained standing and lashing out in a drug fueled berserk rage.

Special thanks goes out to Justin (seen below) for all his help with this battle report including the use of his amazingly painted Blood Ravens army.


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