Probe of site 1437 part 5

Librarian Asimoth saw the Corpse of Captian Ventridas laying out on the field and assumed command. Asimoth ordered the Blood Ravens on the right flank to continue the attack while he tried rallying the left wing of the space marine army.  The battlefield schematics in his visor painted a bleak picture however.

The devastator opened fire with a multi melta into the rampaging maulerfiend in the center.  The fusion blast blew off one of the daemon engines melta pods in a fiery eruption.

The Scout squad above Asimoth fired a rocket launcher into the maulerfiend with the warhead landing a glancing blow causing the daemonic engine to howl with fury.
On the right flank the one scout squad charged into the rear of the Genebrutes locked in vicious hand to hand combat with the assault squads.  The blades of the scouts hamstringing the genetic abominations from behind leaving them easy prey to the chainswords of the assault squads.  In mere seconds the genebrutes were slaughtered whole sale.

Meanwhile the two remaining scouts facing the maulerfiend desperately tried to damage the psychotic war engine, but to no avail.  With ease the Daemonic machine butchered the last two scouts.

Special thanks goes out to Justin (seen below) for all his help with this battle report including the use of his amazingly painted Blood Ravens.


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