Probe of site 1437 part 3

Captain Ventridas was surprised at the speed of the Stygian response.  A quick check on the sighted units confirmed the strong presence of Dark Mechanicus forces.  In his mind that confirmed the location as the site of the traitors manufacturing site.  Now it was time to cleanse the area of the traitors taint.  On the Imperial right flank assault squads suddenly descended upon jump packs from the sky getting behind the genebrutes.  Meanwhile a scout squad arrived guiding in a tactical squad to further hammer the Stygian left flank.

Meanwhile Captain Ventridas landed with his assault squad in front of a group of Kastellan robots advancing up the center.

Meanwhile a scout squad broke cover to reinforce the Imperial left flank.  With the bloodravens now moving to secure and cleanse the site.

The remaining devastators began laying fire down on the Kataphron destroyers heavy bolter fire blowing one of the chaos servitors apart.

Captain Ventridas had his assault squad open fire on the corrupted robots in front of him with the scouts firing sniper rifles and missile launchers in overwatch.  As the maelstrom of fire slammed into the robots only a single one of the metal monstrosities fell.

The assault squads and the scouts on the Imperial right flank opened fire on the gene brutes.  Bolter shells slammed into the genetic monsters wounding one of the beasts but still they stood.

Meanwhile the scout squad and tactical squad on the Imperial right flank opened fire on the Warpsmith and his heretech retinue.  Bolter rounds blew apart the false servants of the machine god with ease.  With only the stern gaze and demeanor of the warpsmith preventing them from running from the vengeful space marines.

The Assault squads launched themselves into the genebrutes.  Chainswords and powerblades hummed and roared and the clash of metal on metal could be heard as the psychotic genetic mutants fought back savagely leaving a swirling melee on the Imperial right flank.

Special thanks again goes out to Justin (seen below) for all his help with this battle report including the use of his amazing blood ravens army.


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