Probe of site 1437 part 2

Warpsmith Zandragel led the Dark mechanicum forces forward.  The Blood Raven marines were attempting to search out the surface of the facilities and gain entrance into the subterranean facilities.  Zandragel had finally gotten operations on the secret base up to fulfilling the demanding quota of weapons needed for the war on Rondark Prime.  He ordered his forces forward determined to quickly wipe out the imperial incursion force.
The Kataphron destroyers leveled their weapons against the devastators on the Imperial left flank.  Superheated blasts of plasma slammed into the marines melting them within their cermite armor and forcing them to seek cover.

Meanwhile in the center the forgefiend and a helbrute opened up on the scouts lurking in the ruins.  Shells screamed into the imperial position but the darkness and the excellent camo cloaks of the scouts saw only two of their number fall to the rain of fire that descended upon their position.

Against the Imperial right flank a maulerfiend and the genebrutes charged into the onrushing scout skimmers.  The maulerfiends massive claws smashing the first speeder out of the sky and causing it to explode even as the genebrutes claws and electrostatic flails bashed apart the second speeder.  With both speeders now in flames the scouts sought to clear out of the burning wreckage and regroup even as the dark mechanicum forces appeared poised to pounce and slaughter the survivors.

Special thanks goes out to Justin (seen below) for his help with this battle report including the use of his amazing blood ravens army.


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